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The Maryland 'Z Club is a group of individuals who own and drive, or as a minimum at least appreciate, the series of Z cars produced by the Nissan Motor Company from 1970 to present.

The mission of the club is to unite all Datsun/Nissan Z car enthusiasts, to provide informational services to its members, to serve as a forum for the sharing of information between the members, to work in obtaining discounts and benefits for members, and to assist members in all aspects of Z car ownership.

The club invites all members to participate in club activities with their cars. Our activities include road rallies, cruises through scenic routes, car shows, tech sessions, and any others that are suggested by the club members.

The Maryland 'Z Club was founded in 1993 by Mark Lambert and Paul Taylor.

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Club Officers
  President - Mark Lambert
  Vice President - JoAnne Gardner
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New Members
David Schick 240Z
Jonathan Rietti 240Z
Jamie Silver 240Z
Harry Schwartz 240Z
Arthur Farkas 240Z
Neil Wyman 240Z
Yeheskel Monk 240Z
Mordechai Ferencz 240Z
Joel Spitzer 240Z
Jennifer Motechin 240Z
Joseph Muzykus 240Z
Carrie Klein 240Z
Dvorah Zauderer 240Z
David Slansky 240Z
Syed Nasir 240Z
Shira Burstyn 240Z
Rhonda Blachman 240Z
Margaret Deutsch 240Z
Michael Meisner 240Z
Hana Levy 240Z
Justin Freedman 240Z
Chaim Block 240Z
Timothy Donner 240Z
Moshe Halton 240Z
David Brecher 240Z
Maidi Zion 240Z
Shoshana Topper 240Z
David Jacobs 240Z
Toby Grossman 240Z
Lipa Friedman 240Z
Harry Zlotnicki 240Z
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2 - Andy Downs
25 - Jack Tallent
26 - JoAnne Gardner
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