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I've been a Z enthusiast since the early '80's. My love of the Z started with a '72 white on red 240Z (ironic I now own red on white) that I drove while in high school.

Over the years, as things happened (as things do) and as my life changed, one thing remained the same; I always had a Z car. I've owned at least two dozen different Z cars over the years.

In 1993, I decided to start a Z Club in Maryland. With the help of a new friend at the time, Paul Taylor, the Maryland 'Z Club was formed.

I currently own four Z cars. The first being a 1972 240Z known as "Orig240", a 4000 mile original. My daily drivers are a 1996 300ZX , a 2006 350Z and a 2013 NISMO all red (of course). 

Formerly, I owed two 1972's which were known as the "Z Twinz". The 'Z Twinz have both been awarded First Place trophies, but the most special is the Gold Medallian #10 that was awarded to one of the 'Z Twinz (ORIG240).

I, and the 'Z Twinz, were featured in the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of Z Car Magazine. Thanks to my now close friend, Paul Taylor, the 'Z Twinz appear on the cover, and the accompanying article (written by Paul) was the feature article.

The first "born" of the 'Z Twinz was also featured in the Retrospect column of the June '93 issue of MotorTrend.

I've participated in many Z events over the years. I've been to all the National Conventions except for the very first two. And that was only because I did not know about them. The National Conventions have proved to be a great place to meet other Z enthusiasts and establish great friendships.

One of the most exciting Z events that I was able to attend was the ceremony to celebrate the induction of the last Z into the Peterson Automotive Museum.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting and socializing with the famous Mr. K at many events and travelling to Japan in 2010 to see him in person.

Another fun and memorable event that I participated in was the 'Z Across America Relay'. The Maryland 'Z Club drove one of the legs of the relay, and handed off the time capsule and key to the next group (the White Rose Z Club) for the next leg of the relay.

The Z has been a source of enjoyment for me for many years. I've met many interesting and exciting people, and have established many close friendships; all because of the Z. I look forward to meeting many more people and seeing their Zs in the years to come. And, as Mr. K would say; "Love Cars, Love People, Love Life."

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